About The Digital Seen Agency

Here for over 20 year

The Digital Seen Agency has forged a reputation over 20 years developing successful websites for businesses. We've evolved to meet the challenges of doing business in the 21st century for our growing group of clients.

We were founded in January 1999 when the internet was in its infancy. We have grown over time by adapting to the changing nature of the internet, digital marketing and social media. 

Compelling solutions

We offer our clients professional and compelling solutions. We can immediately provide opportunities to improve and measure sales, branding and promotional activities.

The Digital Seen Agency provides brand mobilisation and successful business outcomes that can be tracked to provide the greatest return on investment.

Independent and customer-focused

We are an independent digital agency providing straight-forward, hands-on solutions for customer-focused businesses, design agencies & marketers alike.

We deliver successful brand development, websites, social & email campaigns, e-commerce solutions, strategies, audience engagement & results to improve your business outcomes.

Brand building

Website visitation

Social presence

Customer engagement

Online sales

Business results

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