About Us

The Digital Seen Agency

Over 20 years

The Digital Seen Agency has 20 years of experience providing solutions to businesses and enterprises that strongly value their brand and business growth. We address the challenges of doing business today in the digital space. For our clients that means ensuring every spend is an investment in targeted audience engagement and sales.

Digital design and branding

Our extensive background encompasses advertising, graphic design, photography, copywriting, visual branding, image creation, photo manipulation, website design and online marketing. With experience across many industries, including finance, retail, wine and food, hospitality and not-for-profit we have a deep understanding of what it takes to conduct business and maintain your brand, engagement and sales.

Compelling solutions

We offer our clients professional and compelling solutions. These solutions can immediately provide opportunities to improve and measure sales, branding and promotional activities.

The Digital Seen Agency's brand mobilisation strategies strive for successful business outcomes that can be tracked to provide the greatest return on investment. We employ both creative experience and measurable analytics to provide the most optimal solutions.

Delivering results

We deliver successful brand development, website design, social media marketing, email direct marketing campaigns, e-commerce solutions, digital strategy, audience engagement & results to increase return on investment and improve business outcomes.

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