Brand and Identity

Increasing brand awareness

We’ve been developing, designing and building brands for two decades now. we look forward to hearing from you and working with you to create the stand-out tools you need to succeed in your market.

The Digital Seen Agency has decades of experience in branding at a corporate level as well as for many small businesses. We work with you from start to finish and deliver a visual identity that defines your business and works to create meaning and a memorable, professional presence.


We develop brands. We design logos. We build business identities.

Social Media Marketing

Strategy, campaign and reporting

Social media marketing is the targeted promotion of content and engagement with your target consumers on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to better your business prospects. It is a key part of the digital marketing mix. The Digital Seen Agency helps businesses increase brand awareness, generate more leads, improve customer engagement and lead to greater sales.

Website Development

Design for speed, search and audience

The Digital Seen Agency has been building and launching websites since the year 1999. In that time we’ve seen the internet evolve from being at the fringe of business to now being a critical part of any enterprise’s communication, branding, sales and operation. This is where it all started and we’re confident that after 20 years we know a thing or two about building tailored websites that perform.


Engaging your audience and customers

Digital media is the combination of technology and content. Building digital media products and services requires a team of adept professionals with diverse technical skills, artistic skills and production coordination skills. All of these skills need to be balanced to create the best business outcome and user experience. The Digital Seen Agency is the professional team that has been working in this space for 20 years now and delivering consistent outcomes.

Getting Results

Optimising deliverables and engagement to increase results

Digital experiences deliver measurable results. The right digital mix brings a greater level of memorable experiences and interactive engagement to your audience. With lead capture and electronic media delivery systems running effortlessly in the background you can markedly improve your business objectives.

Brand building

Website visitation

Social presence

Customer engagement

Online sales

Business results

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